Flower ball

plastic flower pot wit dimameter 40 sm and 60 sm.

it provides a very large freedom for arrangement of different colors and shapes, combining evergreen and flowering shrubs, annual and perennial flowers, grasses and vines. Opportunity for interior use with houseplants. Lightweight design allows easy and fast service, and moving. It's suitable for automated irrigation system inside the ball. Can be hung on a chain or placement of pole or rod.

Скелет на кълбото

Technical data

Dimensions Weight Plants Color Pot dimensions
40sm 2kg 18 pcs black/green 10sm
60sm 4kg 48 pcs black 10sm


Prepare the plants for planting. Take out the plant from the nurcery pot. Wrap the bale of plant wit cotton fiber to keep the soil in the pot and the moisture inside. Plant already wrapped is installing into in the special perforated pot, with a locking mechanism that is part of the plastic structure. All planted perforated pots are installing into the plastic frame.

Suitable plants

Begonia fibrous- root, Salvia splendens, Coleus, Petunia, Tagetes, Calendula, Brassica oleracea and many others...

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