Flower tower

„Flower tower” - plastic construction with metal frame, for planting flowers and shrubs. High from 160 to 230 sm. Diameter 100 sm.

The flower tower is tiered structure, which offers a lot of freedom when arranging flowers and shrubs. ideal for urban environments. Their combination with park furniture and architectural elements is very successful. The construction allows building an automated irrigation system inside the tower. You can place it directly on the ground. Easy installation and revision, interior use is possible.

Technical data

Dimension Weight Plants Color Flower pot wholes
160/200sm 40kg 234 psc Black 10sm
200/100sm 70kg 324 pcs Black 10sm
230/100sm 100kg 351 pcs Black 10sm
Скелет на кълбото
How to


Assemble the metale frame from the package. Put the plastic pots on it's places on the metal frame. Install the irrigation system inside the tower. Prepare the plants for planting. Take out the plant from the nurcery pot. Wrap the bale of plant wit cotton fiber to keep the soil in the pot and the moisture inside. Plant already wrapped is installing into in the special perforated pot, with a locking mechanism that is part of the plastic structure. All planted perforated pots are installing into the metal frame.

Suitable plants

Begonia fibrous- root, Salvia splendens, Coleus, Petunia, Tagetes, Calendula, Brassica oleracea and many others.