Technical data


Tray dimensions 500 х 500 х 120 mm
Trays per sq.meter 4 pcs
Weight (only system) 4.2 kg/sq.m (1.05 kg/tray)
Soil capacity 0.09 m3/sq.m (22.5 liters/tray)
Water reservoire capacity 9.6 l/sq.m (2.4 l/tray)
Material HDPE
Packing 300 pcs (75 sq.m) pallets 100/100/180 cm
Colour black

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BGreenroof is pre-planted (pre-grow) modular green roof system for extensive roof gardens. It is suitable of making flat and sloping roofs. The system containes all multilayer componets needed for making green roof: water reservoir with drainage, filter, and substrate layers that are specifically designed for rooftop conditions. Permanent water reservoirs to maximize storm water retention and minimize irrigation needs. BGreenroof is perfect for nearly any climate region. Pre-growed trays has more than 95% plant coverage, that can be easily install everywhere. The system provides instant effect immediately on the rooftop.

This tray system is fully sustainable and cost effective both in the short and long term. It is produced of recycled materials. Provide good water distributions and helps the drainage system against floods. It will provide a 200% insulation increase to your flat or sloped roof. It does this by absorbing the UV radiation sent by the sun. Our green roof will also keep heat locked into the room while keeping cold temperatures out. It's also a great sound barrier.

BGreenroof layers