Technical data

Single module dimensions 500 х 250 х 120 mm
Pcs per sq.m 8 pcs
Plants per module 10 pcs (80 pcs/sq.m)
soil capacity 15 l/module (120 l/sq.m)
Weight per sq.meter 10 kg (only construction)
Weight fully watered with soil 90 kg/sq.m
Material PP + UV additive
Package Palletes 120/120/220sm (20 sq.m)
Color black
Metal rail 2 m/sq.m galvanized steel
Dowels 8 pcs/sq.m 6х60 concrete
Drip pipe D16 mm, 4 l/h (drip spacing 250mm)


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BGreenwall is plastic modular living wall system. It is suitable of making indoor and outdoor green walls. It fits for small as well as for big areas. The plastic modules are fully produced of recycled plastic. Bgreenwall is durable and easy to assemble. It provides an opportunity to use a wide range of plant. Quick Plant Installation and easy watering are huge priority. The installation kit contains drip irrigation pipe, which can be easily installed in the modules and connect to the existing irrigation system or directly to watering pipes. To fix the plastic modules to the wall, we use metal rails. BGreenwall can be easily fixed to any wall - concrete, brick, masonry, sheet metal, timber and other surfaces using apropriate fasteners. BGreenwall can be used at home, in the office, at the terrace, cafes, bars, lobbies, facades and more. Create lush, beautiful vertical gardens, indoor or outdoor with BGreenwall.

Green wall section
Green wall system parts

Installation steps

  1. Install the metal rail of the bottom row of the system. Fix it by the screws from the kit.
  2. Make sure that the rails are well leveled. It's very important for propper irigation.
  3. Put the upper rail to the wall, exactly on 505mm above the lower rail. Keep this way as you reach the top of the wall.
  4. Now you can install the plastic modules, full of plants, to the wall, due to the landscaping project.
  5. Put the drip pipe from the kit in the dedicated chanes, between lower and upper rows. Continue this sequens to complete construction of the green wall
  6. Connect the suply pipe to the drip pipes of every row. Make sure the irrigation system works properly
  7. Your green wall is ready. Enjoy.