Technical data

Single module dimensions 450 х 450 х 37 mm
Modules per sq.meter 5 pcs
Weight per sq.meter 5.15 kg
Load capacity 250 t/sq.meter
Material HDPE + UV additive
Packing palletes 140/100/190 cm 60 sq.meters
Colour green, black



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Plastic grass paver made in Bulgaria. Made entirely from recycled material (HDPE). It’s used to build environmentally friendly green space, type "Reinforced Grass.” Among the many applications of ”BGreenpark” are building green parking areas, pedestrian communications, horse playgrounds. It also can be used to strengthen slopes against landslides, equestrian facilities and horsе riding spaces, golf cart courses and many others. Simplified modular system and relatively low weight of the modules, makes them very easy to transport and install.”.

Among the benefits of BGreenpark are: Prevents overheating of the surface in the horizontal plane, unlike asphalt or concrete pavements. Good drainage and filtration properties. Almost 100% grass cover. Prevent spillage of soil or gravel, and muddle. Reduces the dust levels in the air.

Step by step installation guide


  1. Clean and flatten the pad
  2. Install drainage layer (min 20-30 sm gravel)
  3. Vibrating
  4. Aplicate sand.(max 5 cm)
  5. Level the sand
  6. Assemblе the BGreenpark modules. Levele the modules
  7. Fill the modules with soil. Watering or vibrating for compaction
  8. Make the grass
  9. Irrigating and grow the grass.
  10. It's important the module cells to be well filled, for better durability
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