Technical data



BGreenpark self-watering pot planting


Pave the Stone or clay at  the bottom of  the inner tube.

Put the nutritive soil fit for growing on the stone or clay.

Put the plant into inner tube and then filled with nutrient soil.


Initial stage of irrigation

In the initial three months, please be sure to follow common ways of watering. Watering the soil surface at least once a week until the buoy moves up. It can release fertilizer to promote root growth. If not careful watering so much that it over Max, you can pull out the plug at the bottom of pot to drain excess water out.


Irrigation stage

After three months of the initial watering, the roots grow in good condition,which need water hole injection of water into the bottom, making the water level m easurement mark reach to the Max, and now your plants will be watered by self-watering system.



BGreenpark drough stage of maintenance

If the water level reaches the minimum value in a few days or weeks, be sure to pay attention to the following: Don't add enough water to irrigate immediately, because the plant began a "drought growing period." For small plants may be a week, large plants may be two weeks.Of course,for that plant with more water, this period of time can be shortened.After the drought period, please inject the water into the water hole, until the max position.



Plants need fertilizer. After the initial watering, every once in a while, please according to the using method to add the corresponding liquid fertilizer .Water planters from the surface often so that soil nutrients will be evenly distributed.

Indoor and outdoor

Planting indoor and outdoor

When the BGreenpark pot planted indoor, you must tighten the plug at the bottom of pot. For the first time, you should check whether the plug is tight, if it’s lax, please tighten it. When you plant it outdoor, please take out the plug, so that the excess water can be drained.