Technical data

Diameter Hight Lamp post diameter Water tank
60 cm 18-300 cm Ф 10-18 cm 5 liters
80 cm 18-300 cm Ф 15-32 cm 8 liters
100 cm 18-300 cm Ф 15-25 (25-50) cm 13 liters


Flower structures represent a multi-upgradeable plastic construction, ranging from a single level (18 cm) to 21 levels (300 cm). It can be placed directly on the ground, also on the street lamps and poles, through special fastener. Ideally suited to the urban environment. Easy revision and service. Flowers structures are selfwattering with water tanks (double bed), which provide water supply plant for several days, even in the most congested and difficult to service urban areas.


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Flower design for pillar selfwatering structure in which water is stored at the bottom of the pot, and the soil of the plants above the drainage grid. When the soil dries textile wicks absorb moisture from the tank bottom and transport it to the roots of plants. Install to the lamp post through a special metal bracket that attaches under the bottom row of the structure. The brackets are adjustable and can be used for poles with a diameter of 10 to 50 cm. Irrigation is done by adding water the top row. When it is sufficiently wet and the tank is full, the water passes through a special perforated holes to the lower level. There are shanels for placing a drip irrigation but watering can be done quickly and easily by hand.